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About Us

Front of the Class is a I.R.C 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization focusing on improving education across the United States. Established in 2014, Front of the Class sponsors our own national campaigns and acts as an umbrella charity for other local educational causes that fundraise through our crowdfunding website. 



Our organization is governed by an Executive Board of experienced business people committed to administering a first class professional not-for-profit charity.  Front of the Class is being managed to target a 90% payout ratio or better by minimizing administrative expenses to at most 10% of our donations.

Our charitable functions are managed by our Charitable Supervisory Board.  The Board is made up of parents, teachers, students and others who are interested in making a difference in education.  The Board's primary responsibilities include approving all national and local campaigns, awarding scholarships and grants and allocating 1+1 = More funds to further our charitable mission.

Front of the Class often seeks advice from third-parties on it's fundraising activities, website management and charitable mission.  We would like to recognize these individuals by appointing them to our Advisory Board.

See our Board Members Here

The VVC Pledge - Vet, Verify & Confirm

Front of the Class is committed to helping only legitimate educational causes and has incorporated the VVC Pledge (vet, verify & confirm) into our policies to ensure  that commitment.   We will vet all causes by gather sufficient information to confirm the beneficiaries, the charitable need and the amount needed.  FOTC will verify all information gathered by contacting third-parties.  We will confirm that funds are delivered to the intended beneficiaries and used for the intended cause.


Contact us to learn more about our crowdfunding for your educational cause.