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Stop the Heroin Heartbreak Campaign


To provide 1000 U.S. high schools grants to fund "scared straight" educational seminars on the dangers of heroin.


What We Cover - Our grants are intended to fund the cost of hiring qualified seminar speakers and other directly related expenses such as travel expenses, printing, advertising & renting venues.


What We Need - We need your donations.  The approximate cost per seminar is $2,000 which includes two in-school sessions and an after-school parents session. Please consider donating today.  We also need your social media support.  Please tell your social media network about us.



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Stop the Heroin Heartbreak Campaign.


                    Goal                  $1,000,000

                    Total Raised      $       5,000  

                    Left to Raise       $  995,000



Apply for a Grant for Your High School

Front of the Class is currently accepting applications for grants.  We accept applicatons for individual high schools or for entire school districts.  If you are interested in applying, follow the link below for our online form.




Heroin Invades Our Schools - Frightening Facts

  • Heroin is now readily available in pill form at most high schools for less than $10 per pill.
  • Heroin addiction can commonly occur after a single use.
  • Dealers will give away low cost heroin pills to get kids hooked and keep them coming back.
  • 3 in 100 high school students have used heroin according to the CDC.
  • Heroin addicts must have heroin every 8 to 12 hours to avoid withdrawal symptoms.
  • Heroin purities vary greatly depending on the source resulting in numerous accidential oversdoses as users have no idea how much heroin to use to achieve the same high.
Recent News Stories on Heroin & Our Schools - Click the links to read more.


Front of the Class' Speaker List Includes Speakers from these Organizations