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Front of the Class - Championing Educational Charities Nationwide


How We Can Help

Front of the Class is a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit educational charity providing turnkey crowdfunding solutions for helping local groups raise money for their educational causes.  We function as an umbrella charity with an established infrastructure for fundraising in your communities and nationwide.   Groups using Front of the Class have no need to establish their own not-for-profit entity, file tax returns, open bank accounts, or create websites.  They can focus entirely on fundraising.  Let us do the rest.

If you are an established charity, let Front of the Class help by expanding your reach outside your local community.  The crowdfunding

phenomena let's you use the global reach of the world wide web to contact new donors.

Jump Start Your Fundraising with 1 + 1 = More

Front of the Class offers incentives for getting your fundraising started through our 1 + 1 = More Fund.  Depending on the availability of funds, we can seed your campaign with a starting donation, provide matching contributions or top up your campaign to meet your fundraising goal.  Our Charitable Supervisory Board ultimately determines how we can help your campaign in the initial application approval process and subsequent campaign reviews.   The availability of funds from the 1 + 1= More Fund is subject to the uncommitted balance of the fund, and we expect the balance to vary over time. 

Getting Started

The process for getting your educational cause onto Front of the Class is easy:

  1. The Point Person for your cause should complete our online application.
  2. Front of the Class will review your application and contact the Point Person for any additional information required.
  3. The Front of the Class staff will complete our review process and present your cause to our Charitable Supervisory Board for approval.
  4. Assuming your cause is approved, Front of the Class will contact you to start the fundraising process.
Disclaimer: Please be aware that submitting an application to Front of the Class is no assurance that your cause will be added to our crowdfunding site.  All applications will be sufficiently vetted to verify the existence of the cause & beneficiaries and to confirm that fundraising for your cause will not violate the policies of Front of the Class or jeopardize our Nonprofit status under I.R.C. Section 501(3)(c).

FTC Crowdfunding Costs & Fees Disclosure

Front of the Class like other crowdfunding sites charges fees to pay for running our organization and passes on credit card fees and charges associated with your campaign.  FOTC charges an administrative fee of 5% of your gross funds raised.  Our basic credit card fees are 2.2% of the credit card charge plus $0.30 per transaction.  Additional credit card charges may apply in some circumstances.  All matching funds are matched against the net funds raised after fees and charges. 


 Click Here if You Are Ready to Start the Application Process for Your Educational Cause or Charity